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Advanced Aerial Media  has over 40 years of expert knowledge and experience in aviation and is comfortable flying in difficult and complex situations. Our attention to safety and professionalism has been hammered home by existing in one of the most regulated and safety-conscious sectors. 

Corporate Events can be very expensive affairs. They often include historic, famous and complex components. What better way to capture and contribute to that event than aerial imagery? That way you have plenty of footage and photographs to use and re-use which can save expense at a later date.

Aerial footage of weddings offer an amazing “fly on the wall” view of that special day. Whilst weather is a factor we make provision for this and all but the most extreme conditions can be handled. 

Likewise if you are taking the latest acquisition out for a spin/sail/etc, then capturing the event from the air will make for superb viewing for years to come.

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Advanced Aerial media is based in the beautiful County of South Ayrshire, where the scenery lends itself to the fantastic perspective achieved with aerial video or stills. We have filmed in the Highlands and in Wales and various locations throughout England. Have Drone – will travel

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To offer an exceptional quality range of products and services with excellent response times and 100% focus on the client needs

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